Organized by IRNews Club
NIUMUN 2017 is proud to be the first Model United Nations to be held at the Faculty of International Relations in University of Social Sciences and Humanities.

At NIUMUN Workshop 2017, you - as a prospective delegate - will get a whole picture of how a MUN conference works and how to properly prepare before the conference through:
- a panel discussion with experienced guest speakers
- a mock debate demonstrating the Rules of Procedure
- exclusive booklet from us

We want you to walk away from this workshop inspired and excited. So join our workshop and you'll discover a hidden passion for MUN.
Date: May 20th 2017
Venue: VNA Building
(Thông tấn xã VN - 116 Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, phường 6, Q.3, HCM)
Participation fee: 20.000đ
Registration dates: From May 6th to May 18th 2017
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It is our great honor to meet you {{answer_50184622}}. Which university are you studying in? *

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Can we have your phone number, please? *

We will call you to confirm your participation and the time you want to receive the ticket.
Where do you want to receive your ticket? *

We will set up our ticket booth at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Ho Chi Minh City as well as at the Center For National Defence Education. We will contact you to collect the fee.

On which day do you want to receive the ticket? *

Dear {{answer_50184622}}, we will set up our ticket booth from 10/5/2017 to 18/5/2017. Remember that the number of tickets is limited, you should register early so that we can hand over the ticket in time.

Which time do you want us to deliver the ticket? *

We only deliver the tickets during office hours

What do you expect from our workshop?

If you have any queries relating to Model United Nations and its procedure, do not hesitate to leave some questions for our organizing committee and our guest speakers.
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